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A/C Recharge

Our Air Conditioning Recharge Includes the following services:

  • Auto AC leak test

  • AC refrigerant Freon level

  • Auto AC refrigerant refill

  • Auto AC compressor drive belt inspection

  • Tension check.


Proper heating and cooling performance is critical for vehicle safety reasons such as defrosting and passenger comfort. The heating, ventilation, and auto air conditioning system will work as designed when you service it annually, or service it promptly if an air conditioning problem arises. If you are experiencing a problem with the functioning of your AC system, you’ll probably need the help of a specialist. We provide auto air conditioning services that help keep your car AC system performing at its optimum capacity.

If you love your car, then you should not entrust it to anyone but the best. At Top Gear Auto Repair, we strive to be the best because we provide complete car care of the highest quality. We provide excellent and reasonable repair and maintenance services for every vehicle, usually with a one day turn around.

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